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Weighted Shoes

With the ever changing "health" trends and "active livestyle" promotions, people are ecstatic to try anything that would make them fit. Some resulted to crash diet, diet pills, rigorous work-outs and in extreme cases surgery.

Others chooses the natural way, that is with daily exercise. The most common of this exercise is a simple walk or a jog around the park to burn off those extra calories.

Weighted shoes is typically a kind of running or walking shoes that is weighted to produce a certain effect on the user. The product promises that with just thirty minutes of walking using the shoes the user would burn more calories than that of walking with regular shoes on.

As with all product promises, not everything about these weighted shoes is heaven sent. Some physiological experts are alarmed on the amount of strain these shoes puts on a person's leg muscle. Though they do agree that those shoes burns calories, results show that there is only a slight difference with walking using a regular shoes.